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"Just walk is pretty much perfect. From a business perspective, they are prompt, professional, utterly competent, and fairly priced. They know about dog health issues, are always attentive, and accommodate my occasional schedule changes. Beyond this, they are amazingly caring committed people: caring about our dogs, about the community, about the world. We use them for regular walks, homestays when we are out of town, and general advice as our pups age." - Mark

"Meg and Just Walk are a phenomenal bunch! I've been entrusting my 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tor, to Meg's care for almost five years and couldn't be happier. Meg really goes the extra mile and never hesitates to help out when needed. She's incredibly patient and caring and has really worked to cultivate a personal relationship with Tor who has embraced her as part of his family. She's always at the ready and never complains when I need to add walks or travel last minute and the rare time she's not available, the Just Walk team tries hard to step up to the plate and make sure Tor gets the consistent care he's used to." - Crystal

"Meg has been walking our dog for about four years now, and we have been nothing but happy people -- and an incredibly happy dog. She's communicative about schedules, punctual and helpful with training the dog, who's better behaved for her than anyone else, I think. She truly loves dogs more than anyone I've ever met, and has adjusted our dog's walks and time out based on what she needs. Meg helped keep our dog sane during human health problems at our house that were causing the dog anxiety. Everyone at Just Walk who we've met is the same -- professional, reliable, helpful and loving to the animals." - Terri

"As someone who spends most of her work life traveling, people always ask me - "Who cares for your dog while you're on the road?"  My answer is not just his dog walker, but his second family.  The Just Walk team is an incredibly caring and kind group, and most importantly, one who I trust 100% with my furry family member.  Their flexibility and passion for what they do puts me at ease while I'm on the road.  Meg and the team are simply the best." -Amanda

"Just Walk is an affordable and reliable pet service. Our dog is a rambunctious chocolate lab who is not easy to take care of. Our walker, Hanna, is great with handling him on the leash and makes sure he doesn't eat any sticks on the street.  They are very responsive and give you plenty of notice if they are not able to make the walk and who the substitute walker will be. Invoices are easy to pay.  Overall it's a great and reliable service, I would highly recommend Just Walk for your pup." - Alex 

“Just Walk has been extremely reliable and professional during the past few months as a client. Hanna is always very responsive to any questions/concerns and reaches out proactively. She clearly not only walks the dogs, but makes a real effort to get to know their personalities and connect with them. I can tell my Goldendoodle feels comfortable with her and looks forward to her daily walks.  I highly recommend Just Walk to other owners- it has by far been the best dog walking service  I’ve had in the area and Hanna has been my dog’s favorite walker!” -Kate

"Can't recommend Just Walk enough.  We have a small chihuahua/dachshund mix who can be pretty aggressive with other dogs.  Kotu, and now Bee have been saints and taken our pup out with some of their other client pets to help him be a little bit more social. We work almost exclusively with Bee now and we love it.  She's great with our dog, she's super accommodating, and we honestly couldn't ask for anything more from the great care we've gotten from Just Walk." -Damon 

"I wish I could give 6 stars to an outfit like Just Walk.  The short review is: they care for your animals as much as you do, and provide invaluable peace-of-mind knowing that your fur babies are getting personal and compassionate attention.  It is probably important to note that Just Walk is a Co-op, so the employees have a vested interest in developing long-term ongoing relationships with clients, and that shows.  If you want more detail, read on.  If not, just give them a call, you won't regret it, especially in the Shaw/Bloomingdale area.

A year ago, we got a Great Dane puppy and a Bengal kitten.  We tried other walkers but were a little disappointed with the level of service.  We met with Kotu and were immediately drawn to him because of his very obvious excitement and interest in our animals.  In the beginning, our pup couldn't even go out because his shots were not complete, but Kotu would come over and spend plenty of time playing with him, multiple times a day, helping our puppy and kitten get used to each other and continuing the training we were working on.  It was clear that Kotu cared about our little guys as much as we did.

One of the most impressive aspects of this organization is that they really go out of their way to keep clients satisfied.  We both travel for work, and so Kotu would stay at our house when we were gone.  But they are in high demand, and there were times when Kotu would have multiple clients who wanted overnights.  Over the course of a year, there was not a single time when the Just Walk team did not find a solution.  One of the owners, Meg, has covered for him (and our animals loved her as much as Kotu), along with others.  If it was someone who had not spent much time at our place, Kotu would bring them over (at no cost), show them around the house, explain the routines, the animal's personalities, etc.  Above and beyond the level of effort that most organizations would put in.

Over the past year, there have been times that our dog or cat was not feeling well, had injuries, etc.  Kotu was always very communicative about what was going on, and always coddled them the same way we would have.  I never once worried that they were not being treated like precious cargo, and people would repeatedly comment about how happy our dog was when he came to the park with Kotu.  

In the end, I can sum it up with one anecdote: my wife was walking our dog (115 lbs), and they happened to see Kotu on the street.  She said that he has never pulled so hard, and she has never seen him so excited to greet another human.  That is exactly what you want from a dog walker/caregiver, and that peace-of-mind is something we will miss when we move!" -Patrick 

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Ethical Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

Just Walk is an employee-owned business providing dog walking services in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. We believe dignity ought to have a central place in pet care -- for clients, for animals, and for workers.