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11 May

Midday Dogwalking

Midday walks are billed as visits, so as to be as flexible in meeting client's needs.  Not everyone wants a 30 minute walk, and walking often isn't the only need a dog has.  Feeding, medication, backyard playtime for that new puppy that hasn't finished his shots and can't go mingling with the neighborhood - We do all that, and will tailor the visit to meet your specific needs.

Overnight Care

We're not going to lie: Veterinary pracitioners favor keeping companion animals in the familiar, home environment when you leave town, and our experience is that boarding environments consistently leave dogs out of sorts, taking sometimes weeks to return to normal sleep/eating/play routines.

So, we don't do boarding. It seems an imperfect solution, when better options exist. What we do offer is in-home overnight care for dogs/cats, where we let you tailor the care regiment for a flat fee. Not sure why anyone would offer to do differently, really.

Meg Levine

Meg Levine

Meg, who grew up in rural, coastal Virginia, has always had dogs in her life.

Upon finishing undergrad with a degree in social and cultural Victorian History from the University of Maryland, in late 2007, Meg found herself happily working as a dog walker.

She worked with the same company, and route for 2 years before moving to New Orleans in late 2009.

As luck would have it, Meg started working at Crescent City Animal Hospital and started studying small animal Health and Wellness.

Through the excellent guidance of her mentors there, she found a career that made her happy. Moving back to DC in early 2011, Meg took over the Just Walk DC branch and has been happily walking and playing with dogs ever since.

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Ethical Dog Walking and Pet Care Services

Just Walk is an employee-owned business providing dog walking services in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. We believe dignity ought to have a central place in pet care -- for clients, for animals, and for workers.